• Individual Therapy

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    Individual Therapy Sessions at Family Matters of Marin

    Individual therapy is called for when a client wants to meet alone with a therapist to work on struggles they may be having within themselves, with their mood and behavior, and in their relations to others in their lives, both personally and professionally. Having a safe place to explore and resolve these issues within a therapeutic relationship can often help. We at Family Matters of Marin are trained in multiple modalities to address issues in many areas that a client may be struggling with. In individual therapy, it can become clear that a referral for family, child, or couples therapy may also be needed. If that is the case, we will explore your options with you and give appropriate referrals at that time. In many cases, we can even offer these other services in our practice form one of our other highly trained therapists who specialize in these therapy services, so you and your loved ones can build strong relationships right here at Family Matter of Marin where we truly care about helping families heal and thrive.

    Who We Help

    At Family Matters of Marin, we welcome individuals who are struggling with any aspect of their lives, individuals who have a diagnosis they want to explore, and those who are ready to work toward and achieve specific goals. There are numerous reasons you may choose to schedule individual therapy sessions, and we have a team of knowledgeable therapists to support you every step of the way. While we welcome you to visit us anytime you feel therapy could be beneficial, there are some common reasons people schedule individual therapy sessions at our office, including:

    • Managing the effects of mood disorders like anxiety and depression.
    • Working through a life change like a new career or relationship.
    • Processing life’s challenges, including chronic stress.
    • Navigating grief and loss.
    • Building and sustaining healthy relationships (romantic, personal, familial, and professional).
    • Developing greater self-awareness and increasing ability to self-advocate and set boundaries.
    • Setting and achieving specific life goals.

    What to Expect from Counseling Sessions

    Counseling needs to be flexible and cooperative to be effective. In practice, that means your therapist is going to walk alongside you throughout the therapy journey. It will not be an inflexible process. Instead, counseling is all about making adjustments to ensure you are achieving the goals you set. While the therapy approach may vary based on your goals and the progress you make, our therapists are able to quickly determine whether what you need to achieve your therapy goals is someone to follow along as you lead the way or someone to gently guide you toward the best path. We continually rethink and adjust our approach as needed if we notice you’re not making the desired progress, but we can also reassess and emphasize the need to stick to your goal with patience until you see the desired progress. We are here to support you toward your personal and professional goals across all aspects of your life.

    Getting Started with Therapy at Family Matters of Marin

    We know it can be tough to make the decision to move forward with therapy. Even if you know you want help moving through a difficult time, you may still be hesitating to schedule your first session. Let’s take some of the stress out of the process by starting off with an absolutely free phone consultation. This introductory phone call lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. We’ll talk through your goals, answer your questions, and when you’re ready, we’ll schedule an intake session. Getting started is simple and straightforward. Just take a few minutes to give our office a call at (415) 326-6354. We look forward to hearing from you soon.