• Therapy for Teens

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    Teens in Marin face many stressors in their social, emotional, and academic worlds. They can feel very alone, so having a therapeutic relationship can be of great benefit in helping them to navigate through the complexities of their world. They may also be struggling with issues of identity and sexuality, which can be confusing. It is helpful for them to have a safe space free of judgment where they can explore who they are and who they are becoming. At Family Matters of Marin we help teens with their communication skills, identifying their feelings and needs, and expressing them in safe and healthy ways. We also help teens develop skills for coping with the different pressures in their lives, help them to moderate their mood, and help them develop healthy coping strategies for the future. In addition, we often work with teens to identify their passions and interests. We encourage them to become engaged with their interests, giving them a sense of purpose and hope, and empowering them to create a bright future for themselves.