• Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA)

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    Anneli Richards is a licensed psychotherapist who also has extensive training in Expressive Arts. By using expressive arts in her practice, her clients explore their issues through a creative lens. This form of exploration and collaboration opens doors and brings clarity to what may have felt like a stuck situation. There is no need for any artistic training; the focus is on the process, not on the product. Some of the modalities she uses are visual arts, drama, dance/movement, sand tray, music, dreamwork, and guided imagery. Through creativity, they access the left brain to understand what is happening in a new way and find new solutions to old problems. That being said, her work is client-centered and she follows the lead of her client’s comfort level with the arts. Some clients delve right into the process and feel very comfortable using the arts while others are more comfortable primarily talking. At times they may explore issues through whatever creative outlet clients are comfortable with.

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