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    Family Matters of Marin is looking for excellent licensed clinicians and registered Associates (LMFT, LCSW, PhD. or PsyD) to join our team!

                               Come join our team!  

    Here is what we offer:

    • Full-time positions with 20-25 client contact hours per week
    • Great friendly work environment
    • Supportive supervision
    • Expert consultation
    • Competitive pay structure
    • Great professional trainings
    • Flexible schedule and some work from home options
    • Generous time off
    • Health benefit
    • Paid sick time
    • Worker’s compensation

    Compensation is commensurate with experience and will be discussed in the first interview.

    Here is a list of what we are looking for in an applicant:

    • Real passion for helping children and families
    • Experience working with children of all ages, adolescents, and families
    • Strong team player, yet also independent, and must be motivated
    • Willing to be challenged in order to broaden their own perspective, and must be open and willing to learn, flexible, and optomistic and a good sense of humor is a plus:)
    • Committed, kind, honest, focused, good communicator, punctual, professional, responsible, organized, and accurate, with good self care strategies in place
    • Able to manage a case load that will grow over time
    • Interested in training further and growing professionally in specialized areas such as EMDR and Trauma Informed Care
    • Current license or registration in good standing
    • Available at least 3 afternoon/evenings per week in 6-8 hour shifts.
    • Available some day time hours also, and a plus if available some weekend hours.
    • Great references!

    Thank you and be well!

    “Working at Family Matters of Marin was such an important step in my development as a therapist. It was such a wonderful way to get connected to the local community. The work was varied in configuration and population, including child, teen, family, couple and adult individual clients. It was also a great way to fulfill the minor/couple/family hours requirement for licensure. Anneli has created a warm and supportive professional environment at FMM. She consistently encouraged me to trust my natural abilities as a therapist while enhancing my capacity to serve clients with her unique insights and wealth of knowledge and experience with trauma, EMDR, children and family dynamics. She truly is a master in EMDR, especially with children, and she/Family Matters continues to be a valuable place to refer to. I feel like I have grown tremendously through my contact with her and my time spent at Family Matters.”
    – Justin Frank

    “Working as an Associate at Family Matters has been a rich and meaningful part of my development as a therapist. When I entered the position, my experience had been limited to school-based environments, working with adolescents. I have grown tremendously from the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of clients, from young children and individuals, to families and couples. Anneli has given me plenty of room to spread my wings and develop my innate abilities as a therapist, while providing an important safety net of support around legal and ethical issues, case conceptualization, exposure to trauma modalities, and EMDR training. Anneli’s mentorship and collaboration has been invaluable to my professional growth and I am a more adept, resourced practitioner from my time at Family Matters.”
    – Jennie Oppenheimer

    “I loved working at Family Matters of Marin. I felt very supported by Anneli and the other therapists in the group. I was encouraged to try new things, new techniques, trust my instincts, and follow my therapeutic viewpoint, while always feeling supported. I had space to consult and was exposed to many new great approaches and new angles I applied to my clients. Anneli is very professional and thorough, and at the same time kind and gentle. I feel very lucky to have learned so much from her.
    The offices are comfortable to work in, the rooms were kept clean and organized and always had plenty of games and books for the younger ones. I loved the sandtray work and the opportunity to learn so much from it. Anneli created a pleasant working environment with effective supervision and kind colleagues who support one other. I absolutely and positively recommend working with Anneli at FMM.”
    ~Adi Plut

    I recently left Family Matters of Marin after working almost 5 years as a LMFT there. It was a truly wonderful experience on so many levels.
    Anneli is a wizard. It is so hard to run a clinic on many levels. Over the years, I came to understand what a master therapist she is and what a lucky group of interns she has to be working with someone with as much depth of knowledge, as well as a naturally gifted therapist. Her ability to case conceptualize has far surpassed anyone I have worked with. She is skilled at reading even the smallest cues to build a solid understanding from just one intake session. She also has a depth of not just intellect, but heart, as she navigates issues of attachment repair and trauma. She also holds a loving/spacious container for associates to find out where she is leading them and who they are becoming as professionals. I have always been amazed by how many questions she asks in the discovery process to support clinicians coming to their own understanding in knowing their clients.
    Anneli is also a very skilled business woman. She knows so many people in Marin; school counselors, mediation support, folks running in-patient programs, neuropsychologists…etc. It is apparent that she has spent hours building a web of connections throughout Marin so that her associates now have access to a wide world of supportive professionals to aide with their clients. Anneli also holds a very professional and organized business. Hours of her free time was spent speaking with her lawyer to clarify questions her associates bring to her about the ins and outs, hours spent hand picking virtual assistants to represent the care of the business and tireless interviews she would have to hand pick just the right people for this program. Her commitment to excellence is an obvious part of her gift. During the time Anneli and I came up with the intern training program, I was touched by her devotion to a bigger world vision; having more people with excellent tools to support trauma healing. We were in the midst of Covid and it was apparent that there were more people who needed therapy than there were therapists. With the same tools she inspired my professional niche (EMDR, parts work, Theraplay and attachment repair), she carved a program led by the best of the best in the field. It was so inspiring that I committed to come to all the trainings in my spare time.
    Anneli has made the Family Matters of Marin a delight to work for. I highly recommend anyone who is wanting the best education for trauma work and a stable heartfelt structure for unfolding your profession.

    ~Sarah Foxfire, LMFT